Friday, April 17, 2009

God Shiva And Goddess Parvati

Lord Shiva And Ma Parvati - some beautiful photos. Their wedding anniversary is celebrated as Mahashivaratri. The legend behind their wedding is also very unique.

It is said that Ma Parvati is the Godess Sati ( Lord Shiva's first wife) reborn. Ma Parvati or Gauri was born to King Himavat after many prayers to Godess Durga for a child. Godess Durga then told Himavat that she herself would take birth in his house but he must never question what she does as his daughter. Ma Parvati went through great penance in order to attain Lod Shiva as her husband as Lord Shiva had renounced the worldy life and went into samadhi after Godess Sati's death. Kamsa dev ( the god of love) and his wife Rati devi tried to memerise and allure LordShiva to fall in love with godess Parvati but Lord Shiva burned Kamsa dev with his third eye in anger but being ever benevolent and kind he granted a boon to Rati devi that Kamsa dev would be returned to her. Ma Parvati won over Lord Shiva with he penence and great austerities and prayers. Once Lord Shiva agreed to marry her she told her parents that she would marry only Lord Shiva and no other. It is said that when Lord Shiva's baraat came to Ma Parvati's door her mother cried out in fear and shock as the groom was smeared with ash, wore a loincloth and carried a trishul weapon. He was accompanied by Nandi,bhoots,and other scary pisachas as he was also Lord of Destruction. However legend says he took pity on his mother in law and changed his appearance so that she could see an illusion of Lord Shiva dressed in rich jewels and clothes like a King.

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